Strategic Outreach

When far-reaching environmental policies are being developed, people from all walks of life want to be part of the conversation. We design processes to make sure they can.

  • Louisiana Discovery, Integration, and Application Program (2014-present).Working with scientists and Sea Grant staff to build new connections among the university research community and local residents. Through an in-depth fellowship program, exploring options for gaining new sources of funding and shaping new fields of research that can address community concerns.
  • The Louisiana Comprehensive Master Plan for a Sustainable Coast (2010-2012).Guided the state's use of public hearings and focus groups, ensuring that the entire outreach program was conducted using a consistent, transparent approach. Established timelines and methods for bringing new groups into the conversation and wrote briefing materials that explained technical results in layman's terms. In total, the state conducted over 200 meetings as the plan was being developed, reaching 1,350 people, and gathering thousands of public comments.
  • Brownfields Programs New Orleans Region (1995-2004). Created a nationally applied model for using citizen and business owner ideas to identify investment priorities. Used model to jumpstart development in three municipalities, including New Orleans.
  • Ford Foundation Sustainability Project (1998-2000). Led New Orleans's first independent effort to promote green business. Recruited a cadre of small businesses eager to explore how sustainable business practices could enhance profits and reduce environmental footprints.